Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reflectings of Comments4Kids

I am writing a blog post for the I Heart Ed Tech Blog Swap and would like it to be about how #comments4kids has made an impact on student blogging over the past year. If you have an anecdote or comment that you wouldn't mind me using please leave it in the comments.


Becky Goerend said...

Comments4Kids has motivated my students. They can now write for an audience larger than me and they can get feedback from eyes other than mine. I have had really no students say, "I don't know what to write about." They are excited to get feedback from others!

Russ Goerend said...

My students are motivated to write. They ask "Can this go on the blog?" There's excitement in our classroom when we talk about final drafts.

They also love seeing what other students their age are writing. They enjoy reading and watching the content their peers have produced.

Comments4Kids is an essential part of my writing class. It's hard to imagine what this year would have been like without it.

The Petulant Child said...

Kids need to see comments, dots on their clustrmaps, etc to be convinced that they're writing for an authentic audience. Comments4Kids is a great tool to connect students globally, share knowledge, and keep students motivated to blog/write.

ZimK said...

A professor from the University of South Alabama saw our Tweet on Comments 4 Kids and as an assignment, he had his education students comment on our kids blogs. It was so motivating for our students to see these comments and they were excited that people around the country and in some cases world are seeing their work. Here is an example:

"Hey Jackie,
I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I have never used photoshop to do fun stuff like you did to that picture! That is really neat that you know how to do stuff like that. It looks like a lot of fun. I really enjoyed reading your blog! You seem like a very intelligent, young lady! Have a great day."

So neat!

George Mayo said...


We haven't participated in the Comments4Kids project. However, I would like to try. I definitely believe in the benefits of getting students talking to one another about what they are doing and sharing in their collective classrooms. It would be great to get some comments on some of our films on our ongoing collaborative stop-motion project The Longfellow Ten:

It would also be cool to have a list of classrooms where students are blogging and looking for feedback. We would love to get involved in this!

Mr Wood said...

Comments4kids has helped engage my students. They are becoming aware of a wider audience for their writing and love getting comments and questions.

Intrepid Flame said...

I think by using the influence and contacts within our networks to help kids build authentic audiences is one of the most important things we can do to help them understand the power of connectivity. Comments for Kids is a great way to make sure that blogs that would often times be ignored and left to fade into obscurity get the attention they need. Every student blog is a space waiting to die for want of some attention. I try to make time to leave a few comments on student blogs every time I see the hashtag, I recommend you do the same.

Louisa Guest said...

relevance, audience, relevance, audience oh yes and relevance.

Kids are writing for a real purpose - they know other people will actually be interested enough in their writing to leave a comment. They take care and have pride in their writing. They are interested in commenting themselves and learn to give and receive quality feedback....the list goes on