Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's Good for the Goose!

While studying Robert Marzano's book Classroom Instruction that Works, I came across a chapter on encouragement.

After thinking about things I do (or more likely don't do) to encourage my students, I stumbled upon an idea. When I found I was a finalist for an Edubloger Award I was extremely excited. I decided to try to give my students that same feeling.

I created the Blogging Tiger award to encourage my students to work hard on their blog posts.

I didn't know how this idea was going over until today. When I told my students that they would be writing a story they were happy. I am fortunate they like to write and share their own stories. When I told them the winner would win a Blogging Tiger Award I was surprised, they really seemed excited. I hope that they really work hard and make me work hard to decide who should win.

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